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Boris Garibyan

Boris Garibyan

Twin Falls, ID


Boris (Bill) Garibyan was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, where his passion for art has began Influenced by his father, an artist and member of the Soviet Union Art Society. Bill spent a great majority of his young adult life shadowing him in the art studio. The wealth of knowledge that he experienced was not limited; it introduced him to the wonderful world of drawing, painting and sculpting. In addition, Bill worked for a local art and design association while attending evening classes at a local university where he sharpened his drafting and architectural skills.
In 1991, due to the fall of the Soviet Union, Bill moved to the United States and settled in Twin Falls, Idaho with his family. At first, he was not able to pursue his passion for art but over time it became something that was irresistible.
Today he is constantly studying the work of famous impressionists, their techniques, brushwork, light and color meanwhile creating his own style. His favorite themes are landscapes and waterscapes. He does most of his work outdoors in nature and in his studio. His painting style is easily recognizable by his confident blend of color and brush work. He uses the Idaho landscape in the majority of his paintings. The artwork of Bill is a reflection of his passion for painting, color and nature itself expressed on canvas.

Influence: Mikhail Garibyan, Monet, Van Gogh, Pissaro, Korovin, Sarian and many other impressionists.

As a land and seascape artist I seek inspiration in nature and its physical beauty. I strive to compliment life’s journey with my canvas and intensely bright oil colors.
I am quite passionate about life and feel fortunate to be able to express the joy of this feeling. I realize that some have not yet found the key to their own personal expression, but for me art and painting have defined and shaped who I am and how I maintain the integrity of my own life. I believe that the ability of humans to express their creativity helps us live a mentally prosperous life and through art I achieve that euphoria.

- Riverton, WY “National Art Show” – First place in Landscape category 2006,

- Riverton, WY “National Art Show” –Third place in Landscape category 2007,

- Cheyenne, WY “National Art competition and Show” 2006,

- Port Arthur, TX “Gulf Coast National Competition” 2006,

-“ Infusion Gallery” Art Show, CA 2006,

-“ Lee Youngman Gallery”, CA 2007,

- New Art International Art-Press 2008,

- Hilton Head, SC “ National Art Show” 2008,

-“Artist Advocate” magazine, Summer 2011.

-“The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts”, FL Art Show 2011-2012,

- Richard Schmid, CO “17 Fine Art Auction” 2012,

- Art Council (member) , Twin Falls, ID,

- Award Winner, “ Magic Valley Has Art”, ID 2013,

- “The Gallery”, Twin Falls ID 2013-2014,

- Oil Painters of America (member), 2008, 2009,

- Idaho Artists Society, (member),

-4th Annual PLein Air Salon competition 2014,

-“ NfiniT” Gallery, Boise Idaho, 2014.